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Nordic Dimension is an investment company specialised in three areas: insurance, finance and security. 


Our core strategy is to acquire companies within these sectors, as our expertise in these sectors gives us the possibility to assist our companies to achieve growth, and at the same time provide something back to society. 

Together with our international partners, we are working to identify potential candidates that have the capacity to grow even further if we were to enter a period of greater economic uncertainty.


Nordic Dimension is also helping companies to widen their shareholder base. This is done to introduce divident companies to new investors. 

Our Process - Our Ecosystem

Phase 1

Our team is looking for prospects who are interesting acquisition objects.

Together with our international partners we screen the market for interesting and competitive companies. 

Phase 2

We select the company that we believe to possess certain features such uniqueness, cutting edge technology, and profitability. 

After thoughtful considerations we acquire the company.

Phase 3

Our consultants,  specialized in growth and business strategies, join the company.

By strengthening the company, we increase its profitability and turnover.

Through our work, dividends are made possible for the investors who have chosen to invest in Nordic Dimension.

Operations –
Benefitting the client

Nordic Dimension is looking for investors who wish to be part of our growth journey.


Through our international network, we can acquire companies that provide steady revenues, but where we actively intervene and help the companies with growth strategies. This is done in the following way:


First we analyse the company's management/business idea. Then we  appoint our consultants who are specialised on that company’s niche. Together, we outline clear strategies on how to increase the company's growth.


By increasing the companies’ growth, this will enable the investors of Nordic Dimension to receive annual dividends. 

Risk-adjusted Return - how?

In financial contexts, there is a lot of talk about risk-adjusted returns. Many talk about it but few apply the methodology.


By investing in companies that are operative in security, insurance, finance, we believe that these companies will together contribute to a spread of risk and thus achieve greater potential for returns.

We are diversified in our approach when selecting companies. We do not want to niche ourselves towards one single industry because then the risk becomes significantly higher.


The parameters we look at are the companies' unique features, the technology they deploy, and if they need further business development to become more competitive.  


Unlike other investment companies, we choose to cooperate with large, reputable financial companies that give us tips on which companies are interesting to acquire.

Our Core Tenets  

Nordic Dimension follows three core tenets  - We are courageous, disruptive & holistic.

We are courageous in the sense that we dare to invest in projects that at first glance may seem unconventional, albeit with the unseen potential to generate a higher value for society. 

Disruption= We follow cutting-edge trends, and among  the first to invest in asset classes that have the potential to shake up the financial markets. In our disruptive approach, we have chosen to select companies that are within the guidelines of the UN's global sustainability criteria.

Holistic = Our methodology is based on human epistemology in combination with advanced technical studies. For us, the essence of epistemology is the symbiosis between human capital and artificial intelligence. This prepares us well to evaluate the market and choose the right company.

Goals & Ambitions

Nordic Dimension is always on the look for investment capital which facilitates the work for us to acquire interesting growth companies. Our source of financing is either via bonds or direct ownership in our company.


We have elaborated several exit strategies. However, our primary goal is to transform Nordic Dimension into a lucrative investment company offering steady dividends to our investors.


There are several options, but for you as an investor, you will receive annual dividends because we focus on cutting-edge companies. Thanks to our partners and our expertise, we have good potential to lift the companies we acquire - which enables greater returns due to our hands on approach when working with our companies.


Our Team


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